October 21, 2014

Press Release - Official Book Launch of GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER at Books & Books

October 21, 2014 | Miami, Florida


A psychotherapist reveals horrific abuse in a 
Florida state prison psychiatric ward

A True Story

Meet whistleblower and activist George Mallinckrodt as he discusses GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER at Books & Books, 265 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables, FL, November 2 at 6pm.  

George Mallinckrodt spent nearly three years counseling inmates with severe mental health issues. Increasingly, guards began to single out the weak and mentally ill to abuse them for their own amusement. George refused to stay silent about guards who beat a vulnerable, cuffed inmate. Within two months, he was fired.

Ten months later, George answered a jarring telephone call from a former colleague detailing a sadistic murder in the same state prison psychiatric ward. Guards locked a mentally ill inmate named Darren Rainey into a scalding hot shower. Hours later, begging to be let out, he died in a room the size of a phone booth. Inmates in cells nearby were helpless to do anything but listen to his cries.

George Mallinckrodt began writing GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER in frustration over the many dead-ends he encountered while trying to bring Rainey's killers to justice. The narrative follows George's progression from an idealistic psychotherapist to a prison hardened case manager in the Transitional Care Unit where Darren Rainey would be housed.


In mid-May 2014, the Miami Herald's Julie Brown published a prisoner's detailed account of Darren Rainey's murder. Mallinckrodt immediately came forward publicly to share what he had heard. Since then, George has been a guest on numerous television and radio shows. He speaks frequently to legislators, community advocacy groups, and civil rights attorneys regarding the mentally ill and prison reform.

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