June 15, 2015

Human Rights Activist Needs Your Help. Take the $20 Dollar Challenge!

As many of you know, I am a full-time Human Rights Activist. Your $20 dollar donation helps me to advocate for the mentally ill and encourage meaningful prison reform. Feel free to contribute any amount.

4 Ways to Donate!

(1) Mail Your Donation

Please make your $20 check payable to
George Mallinckrodt and mail to:

PO Box 398374

Miami Beach, FL

(2) Make a Donation on PayPal - Click on PayPal Icon Below

(3) Donate $40 or more and recieve an autographed copy of

   Mail your check to the PO Box or use:


(4) Buy My Artwork!

Before I became a Human Rights Activist, I painted abstract art and exhibited in the Miami area. Please visit my website and contact me for pricing:


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George Mallinckrodt