February 1, 2015

Beware Prison Reformers and Human Rights Activists - A Suspicious Facebook "Friend Request" I had to report.

I've been warned by fellow human rights activists and prison reformers to be vigilant regarding potential attacks or suspicious activities. I took their advice seriously. It seems that I might be the target of a reprehensible scheme to discredit me. I will lay it out for you in a report I made to Facebook. Additionally, I expressed my concerns to Agent Jim Lewis with the Child Exploitation Task Force at my local Miami FBI Field Office. He said since there was no indecent exposure there was nothing the FBI could do.

This is the "Friend Request" I received on January 15, 2015 at 3:38 AM. As always I clicked on the name instead of "Confirm Request." Always a good idea as it turns out. I have quite a few friends who put their children's picture up for their profile picture - so I didn't suspect anything though I didn't recognize the last name. SCROLL DOWN

I was taken to this page. Huge red flag to say the least! Scenarios raced through my mind as I scrolled down the page. What if I had unwittingly accepted this "Friend Request?"

Admittedly, I didn't scroll very far down the page. A "creepy rating" of '10' out of '10' had me take a screen shot to report it to Facebook. Something like this can increase one's paranoia! Obvious next step: Request Deleted

I clicked on the the three dots to "Report."
...And the next pop-up window:

Facebook has a clear way to report these type of things. Continue

"This profile is underage and should not be on Facebook." Self-explanatory. Continue:

The Report. Send. And the confirmation:

I don't know if this account was legitimate or not. With all the pictures of this girl, my strategy was to treat this seriously. Any association with this account on my part was to report it and publicize it on my blog. 

Those who might have been offended by my vocal criticism of the Florida DOC and the Inspector General would like to see my efforts ended. Wexford and especially Corizon can't be pleased either. By the way, Facebook removed the page. Story over? I hope so.

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