January 8, 2015

Mr. Mallinckrodt goes to Tallahassee... apologies to Jimmy Stewart!

Happy New Year!

A big thanks goes out to those who supported me with words of encouragement and good luck wishes for my presentation!

Monday was a whirlwind day. I met with Senator Greg Evers, the Chairman of the Criminal Justice Committee, along with staffers Amanda and Tracy. The hour-long discussion was wide-ranging and covered many of the abuses in the DOC and possible solutions. My takeaway from the meeting is that Senator Evers is determined to find solutions to a myriad of problems facing the FL DOC. I am hopeful bipartisan support will be forthcoming. After all, I'm sure no Senator is for the beating, torture, and killing of inmates - especially the mentally ill.

Senator Evers pointed out the importance of focusing on solutions. I couldn't agree more. While I may still point out problems and situations that continue to unfold in the FL DOC, I will focus more on solutions in the future. On that note, I welcome suggestions from everybody. This is a team effort. 

Thanks again,


Below is the video of the committee meeting. My part starts at around the 44 minute mark.

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