June 18, 2014

The Human Cost of Working in the Psychiatric Unit at Dade Correctional Institution

I received an email from a former employee of Corizon Health, Inc. who worked in the Transitional Care Unit. I've slightly edited and redacted the names to protect the sender and coworker.

Dear Mr. Mallinckrodt,

My friend XXXXXX has been keeping me informed of your articles and interviews concerning the abuses perpetrated in the TCU of the Dade Correctional Institute. While working there I witnessed several guards take turns beating a handcuffed inmate unmercifully. The only person I told about the incident was XXXXXX. He/she advised me to say nothing about it or risk retaliation. Soon I was overcome with depression and paranoia, so I found work elsewhere and turned in my resignation to Dr. Perez.

May you always be blessed for your bravery and commitment to exposing the horrors of TCU. I never met Mr. Rainey, but Mr. Mair enjoyed participating in my psycho-ed groups.  I remember an inner sadness about him. I didn't know why, but I will always remember coming to work and being told that he hung himself in his cell.  Thanks to you these men will find peace and justice.

Respectfully yours,


That we worked under these conditions is shocking. Mr. Mair was first mentioned in Julie Brown's Miami Herald article, Former workers describe chronic torture.  "...Richard Mair, left a suicide note in his shorts accusing guards of sexually abusing inmates and forcing black and white inmates to fight each other for the entertainment of staff."


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  1. Thanks for sharing the comments of your former co-worker. I am pleased to see that he/she has decided to make a statement about this on-going abuse and inhumane treatment. I am sorry to see that after their leaving the facility, that he/she is still in fear of providing their identity. This shows just how corrupt and abusive that the guards of that facility really are, for one to be in such fear, even after resigning employment from this facility. I hope that some day soon, he/she will be strong enough to come forward and help get these guards prosecuted before anyone else suffers at their evil hands and for their sick gratification.


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